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Unlock the boundless potential of your home’s exterior. The essence of your dream house takes shape with expertly applied paint. Color holds the ability to inspire, elevate your mood, and personalize your home. Establishing the perfect combination of base and trim colors serves as the foundation, effortlessly allowing for the incorporation of complementary landscaping and exterior accessories, leading to a complete home transformation. It all begins right here! 


Why You Should Hire SABUILDCO Exterior painters Kempton park for Exterior Painting of Your House, Commercial Or Industrial Properties

We officer a wide range of services including professional and quality exterior painting service. We do exterior painting of houses, commercial and industrial properties. At Sabuildco exterior painters Kempton park the most important key of success is in the preparation before we start painting. Preparation is of up most importance , irrespective of how good the paint product is . If the preparation of the is not done effectively the the paint will fail and the manufacturer will not honor the warranty . 


reason To Paint

Elevate your home’s allure with exceptional paintwork. Impeccably clean siding, sharp trim, and harmonious colors come together to craft a captivating exterior that turns heads.

Enhance your most valuable asset! The value of your home experiences a notable increase after a fresh coat of paint.

Applying paint forms a protective shield around your home’sexterior, safegurding the siding, trim, and shutters from the effects of exposure.

Select from a myriad of inspiring colors to craft a truly customized home that reflects your family’s unique style.


  • DO get creative Find a bold accent color to make your home really pop! For example, using a red color on the door or shutters can give the house a very stylish and classic look.
  • DO create a color palette. Pulling out different color swatches can help you find the best color palette for each part of your home. The three main sections of your home, the body, accents, and trim should each have their own color that complement each other. Matching the accent and trim color can work well, especially if you are working with neutral tones.
  • DO research and find out which kind of paint will be best for you. Latex paints are UV resistant and don’t peel, crack or fade as much as alkyd paints. Water-based latex paints also dry faster and are easier to clean up than alkyd paints, which require a tougher solvent.
  • DO take inspiration from other homes. Looking at professionally designed homes will help spark your creativity. Taking a drive through different neighborhood to see what catches your eye can be a great start to finding the perfect color palette.
  • DO use dark tones strategically. Dark tones can work great on the exterior of a home, but over-saturated dark tones can give your home a gloomy feel. If you’re considering a dark tone, remember that ⅔ of your home should be dark, and ⅓ should be a light color to balance and contrast the exterior.
  • DO experiment with texture. Even if your primary colors are in the same family, mixing a matte and glossy finish can be very eye-catching. For example, having matte paint on the walls and a glossy finish on the architectural elements of your exterior can add dimension and make the decorative elements pop.


  • DON’T buy the cheap paint to save a buck. Premium paints go on smoother, last longer, and have a much more professional look when the job is completed.
  • DON’T choose just one color. While you may be focusing on the main color of your home, chances are your trim, and accent colors will need to be refreshed as well. Don’t choose just one tone and expect it to go with your windows, shutters, accent and trim you already have. Find a second color that compliments the dominant shade you’ve chosen.
  • DON’T choose more than one bright tone. While a bold color can work great as an accent tone, having more than one can create an eyesore in your neighborhood. If you’re looking to use a bold color on your home’s exterior, keep the trim and accent color to a more neutral tone.
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Prehistoric paint was made from colored earth, soot, and organic materials mixed with animal blood and fatty oils. Recently archeologists discovered a site in South Africa that indicated that men (or women) used a yellowish-brown clayey soil based coating which may have been used like paint.

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